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Anemia Due to Chemotherapy

Anemia is a common side-effect of many types of cancer treatment. Our clinic offers specialized acupuncture and nutritional approaches for anemia and other side-effects of chemotherapy. By reducing the side-effects of chemotherapy, our treatments have helped patients to stay healthy enough to complete the schedule of chemotherapy which has been recommended by their oncologist.

The number of both red and white blood cells often declines significantly within hours or days after infusion of chemotherapy. Hospital oncology clinics will normally perform blood tests (called a complete blood count) prior to each round of chemotherapy. These blood tests are used to determine the patient's levels of red blood cells and other components of the blood.

If these levels are too low, the next round of chemotherapy may need to be postponed in order to allow the body to recover. This situation is undesirable because it means that cancer treatment cannot proceed on the schedule which the oncologist believed would be most helpful. In recommending a treatment plan, a skilled oncologist will have considered the research evidence relating to your case, additional health conditions you may have, your personal preferences, and his or her previous clinical experience in treating people with similar conditions.

Anemia is diagnosed if the hemoglobin level is below 13.5 g/dL (for men) or 12 g/dL (for women). There are many causes of anemia. In order to provide effective treatment, our clinic will ask for your full medical history. We will also request to have these numbers from your blood tests forwarded to us from your oncology clinic:

Normal Value
HGB (Men)14-18 g/dL
HGB (Women)12-15 g/dL
HCT (Men)40-50%
HCT (Women)35-45%
MCV80-100 fL

In some patients, more than one condition may be contributing to anemia. Deficiency of vitamin B12 (which may result from autoimmune conditions) makes it harder for the body to produce blood cells. Some kidney problems may lead to a decreased production of erythropoietin, a hormone involved in blood cell production.

Bleeding or blood loss is a possibility when patients are experiencing pancytopenia or thrombocytopenia, which are known side-effects of many chemotherapy agents. In these conditions, the number of platelets is reduced, and this impairs the body's ability to form blood clots to stop bleeding. Hematocrit (HCT), mean corpuscular volume (MCV) and red cell distribution width (RDW) may be helpful for further analysis of the cause of anemia and evaluation of treatment options.

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"Whenever the lab test information is available, I will review this information in order to provide safe and effective care for patients in chemotherapy. In addition to asking about symptoms, I also watch for certain changes in the platelets and the white blood cells. These can sometimes improve in response to acupuncture treatment. Although it is not common, sometimes it is necessary to reschedule the acupuncture treatment to promote safety. Monitoring the blood lab reports helps me to know when this is appropriate."

Dr. Eric Windsor, D.Ac.

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