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Mind-Body Healing and Meditation

At Maryland Holistics, we care for individuals who have a wide range of illnesses, injuries, and conditions. Some conditions we treat require only attention to the physical body. Examples of these may include reducing the inflammation in a joint or helping a particular nerve to heal. Other conditions or situations such as multiple sclerosis, depression, carpal tunnel syndrome, or cancer care may benefit from a mind-body approach to healing.

For conditions which are likely to benefit from a mind-body approach to healing, Dr. Windsor includes these approaches into the treatment plan. Typically these are provided in a format which is integrated along with acupuncture therapy because this is a well established method of harmonizing the emotions.

In addition to acupuncture, Dr. Windsor also provides some instruction in meditation. Meditation is a discipline that anyone can practice to enhance wellbeing, healing, and performance. Although books, apps, and videos can sometimes help along our journey, there may also be times when interactive instruction is beneficial for starting or rejuvenating a meditation practice. This may be especially true when dealing with a significant health concern which needs a more specialized approach to mind-body healing.

During meditation practice our thoughts and feelings can become more fluid and open to change. This can assist us in letting go of pain associated with various internal states of the energetic body. By gaining more freedom around our habitual thoughts and feelings, we gain more freedom with other aspects of our being as well.

From a peaceful and lively state of being, the energetic and chemical signals of the body are less likely to promote disease and more likely to promote healing. For those of us who value inner peace, the body will function more optimally when every minute of the day is infused with serenity, vitality, and a sense of connectedness.

If we can achieve this through the development of internal skills, or through other methods such as physical exercise, then the inflammatory signals of the body will be regulated more effectively. This enables physical maintenance to proceed without blockages. Evidence indicates that these sorts of processes can affect the expression of DNA through the modification of proteins bound to DNA. In biomedical research, this is known as the field of epigenetics.

About Maryland Holistics

Maryland Holistics LLC is the private practice of Dr. Eric Windsor, D.Ac., L.Ac. Our serene, professional office is located in Ellicott City, MD. Maryland Holistics has provided care to thousands of satisfied customers since opening in 2009. Dr. Windsor is a preferred provider in the CareFirst, Blue Cross Blue Shield, GEHA, and United Healthcare networks.

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