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Care Coordination for an Integrative Approach

While some health concerns are straightforward to manage, others are more complex, urgent, or serious. Therefore, sometimes it is more important that we receive information related to the patient's care at other healthcare practices (or hospitals). This is more likely if any of these apply to the patient:

• Recent hospitalization
• Taking three or more daily medications
• Complex or chronic health issues
• Pregnant or planning to become pregnant
• Recent trauma or surgery affecting internal organs
• Elective surgery planned within the next month
• Autoimmune disease such as lupus
• Conditions affecting the heart, lung, or pericardium
• Currently receiving chemotherapy or other treatments for cancer
• Experiencing unusual symptoms which have not been diagnosed
• Diabetes

In situations such as these, it is especially helpful if the patient or family can provide a thorough medical history along with any recent updates. Items which are usually helpful include medications, supplements, diagnoses, family history, any recent substance use, lab tests, and imaging reports.

Patients can bring this information to their appointment, and/or request their other healthcare providers to fax this information to Dr. Windsor at 443-308-5690. If the patient is unsure what documentation to provide, we can discuss this by phone or during appointments.

"The quality of my recommendations will typically be improved if I have accurate information regarding the patient's medications, supplements, diagnoses, family history, any recent substance use, lab tests, and imaging reports. This helps me to provide care that is coordinated with the patient's other healthcare providers."

Dr. Eric Windsor, D.Ac.


Women who have been advised to stay on bed rest should carefully follow the directions of their obstetrician. Please let us know if you are pregnant, or think you might be pregnant. We provide care in a different way during pregnancy. Women with any pregnancy complications are advised to call before scheduling so that we can briefly evaluate your case by telephone before scheduling an office visit.

Chemotherapy and Radiation

If you are receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation for cancer treatment, Dr. Windsor's goal will be to ensure that his treatments for you will not interfere with the treatments provided by your oncology team. If you are making regular appointments at our clinic, it is helpful if he can review your lab tests within a day or two after they are available. Generally, we will often want to see the results of your most recent complete blood count (CBC) and metabolic panel. In some cases, we may also need to see the results of tests which have been performed recently on the endocrine system. Acupuncture can often help to reduce the side-effects of some types of chemotherapy, helping patients to stay with recommended medical treatments which might otherwise be too uncomfortable.

Pain-Related Conditions

For pain-related conditions affecting the tendons, muscle, bone, or cartilage, it may help to bring the results of any recent imaging studies (such as X-ray, MRI, etc.). The diagnosis and interpretation of imaging studies is often helpful in our treatment planning. For other pain-related conditions, especially those affecting the abdomen, the results of recent lab tests may be helpful or necessary.

Conditions Affecting Internal Organs

If you're experiencing a condition of one of the internal organs, such as the heart, liver, lung, kidneys, pancreas, or other internal organ or system, it is generally helpful to bring medical records such as recent lab tests (if any), interpretations of any recent imaging scans, and a list of medications.

When to See Your Primary Care Provider

We recommend that our patients continue to see their primary care provider at least annually, and also if any symptoms are persistent or unusual.

About Referrals

In certain instances, we may provide a referral for a patient to visit another healthcare provider. For example, we may provide a referral if we believe that diagnostics are needed which are outside our scope of practice, or because another treatment option may help the patient's condition.

Information for Healthcare Providers

Dr. Windsor focuses on designing treatment plans which can be safely used along with most other types of established therapies offered by the patient's other healthcare providers. Read More

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