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Acupuncture for Treatment of Avascular Necrosis

Maryland Holistics provides acupuncture treatment for avascular necrosis of joints. The goal of this treatment strategy is to increase the blood circulation in the joint and/or bone.

Through infrared imaging and spectral analysis, we have observed evidence of increased circulation in the ankle, foot, toes, wrist, and fingers during acupuncture treatment. Due to the relative differences in size and mass among different joints, the same scientific analysis could not be done reliably in the larger joints. This is because the mass and depth of living tissue is greater, which results in more stable local temperature and more opportunities for infrared radiation to be absorbed by the surrounding tissue before it reaches our detector.

However, based on the patterns of treatment results which we observed over a period of 12 years in a wide range of conditions affecting the joints, we infer that a similar circulatory phenomenon is occurring during Dr. Windsor's treatments of the shoulder and knee.

These circulatory phenomena which occur in the region of the joint are also accompanied by the other effects of acupuncture which have been reported in many scientific studies. Large collaborative studies have shown that acupuncture influences the stem cells, and this also may be relevant to healing from avascular necrosis.

Although our evidence is not as clear regarding circulation in the elbow, spine, jaw, or hips, Dr. Windsor is also able to provide acupuncture treatment for avascular necrosis in these areas.

As with treatment for any other condition, the results will vary based on a range of factors. This includes other health conditions that the patient is experiencing, medications or substances consumed regularly, and occupational factors.

Healthcare Tourism Option
For certain cases which are pre-qualified by phone, Dr. Windsor is now offering a healthcare tourism accelerated treatment plan for avascular necrosis over a period of 2-3 weeks. This newly available treatment schedule was designed for individuals who are outside of the Baltimore-Washington area since the time away from home can be significantly reduced compared to a 10-week treatment plan.

The purpose of pre-qualification is to maximize the likelihood that the prospective patient will be satisfied with the treatment outcome and with their overall experience. Our serene, professional office is located approximately 20 minutes from the Baltimore-Washington Airport. Please contact us prior to making travel arrangements or hotel reservations.
"Patients with avascular necrosis should be aware that this treatment option exists. There is a good chance that this type of acupuncture treatment can help to heal the condition. My available data suggest that the likelihood of success will be somewhat higher when the condition affects the knee, ankle, foot, toes, shoulder, wrist, hand, and fingers, compared with other bones or joints. And as with many conditions, the outcomes are more likely to be good if treatment begins soon after the diagnosis."

Dr. Eric Windsor, D.Ac.

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