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Acupuncture and Natural Medicine for Diabetes and Glucose Control

Diabetes may be caused by several different conditions, and the diagnosis is commonly simplified into type I and type II. Our patients with type II diabetes have often found that their glucose control improved after receiving our natural care treatment approaches. Our style of care is very gentle and it works by supporting the body's natural healing abilities.

Three lifestyle factors influence the outcome of type II diabetes: nutrition, exercise, and stress-reduction. Stress-reduction is our main specialty -- we provide acupuncture treatments to help the body to relax deeply so that it can heal itself. After our sessions, your health will improve at night while you sleep. We can also provide some guidance on planning meals so that the glycemic index of each meal is kept low. This makes it easier for your body to metabolize the food that you eat.

In the treatment of diabetes, it's important for patients to remain under the care of an endocrinologist and take medications as directed. As with all medical specialties, in acupuncture it is important that your practitioner is well-trained and has experience in treating your condition. At Maryland Holistics, we have experience treating patients with diabetes and related complications, including kidney disease.

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