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Many people who are new to the DC area often notice an increase in sinus and respiratory allergy symptoms. If you are looking for an alternative to over-the-counter medications like Claritin, we can point you toward some options that may be helpful for you.

Allergy symptoms can get better or worse as a result of many factors. Getting good rest, nutrition, exercise, and drinking water will help the body in an overall context. More specific natural solutions may include herbs, acupuncture, local honey, air filters for the home, and dietary changes.

For many people acupuncture has offered allergy relief. In fact, some of our patients have tried acupuncture for neck and back pain, and later noticed that their allergy symptoms had reduced significantly. Often this result is an added bonus to receiving acupuncture treatment, rather than the primary reason for treatment.

Local honey may help the body adjust to pollens from local trees. Other dietary changes may also help. For some, reducing dairy or other common food allergens can provide significant relief of sinus allergy symptoms.

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