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Meditation is a discipline that we can practice to enhance our performance in every aspect of life. Health and well-being, communication, physical fitness, and even career development can be positively influenced by meditation practice. Ideally, every minute of the day is infused with the gifts of meditation -- greater peace, stability, and a sense of connectedness with everything and everyone. These gifts become available as we develop a series of internal skills.

Clarity of Intention

For beginners as well as advanced students, the first skill is in having the right relationship with our thoughts and feelings. A common idea is that thoughts must be stopped during meditation. However, working hard to stop your thoughts is like trying to stop the waves on an ocean. Thoughts and feelings are part of human nature. In the words of a well known yogi, "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!"

During meditation practice our thoughts and feelings can become more fluid and open to change. Reality is a vessel which contains our thoughts and feelings, rather than the other way around. With intensive practice, we may gradually learn to identify a deeper reference point for our daily engagement with life. We may experience consciousness itself as a reference point. This is what some spiritual traditions call the ground of being. Resting in the ground of being, we experience greater freedom from limiting beliefs about what is possible for ourselves or others. We can develop the ability to be calm in the ever changing weather patterns of life, and find a deep level of rest that re-invigorates the body and soul.

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